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d1-Manufacturing Production

General Production 1st  South Haven, MI  Posted: 4/22/2021
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d1-Manufacturing Production


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Our new client located in South Haven has general production positions available.  Good physical condition to perform manual labor in an environment that the conditions are sometimes less than ideal. This job requires manual dexterity, the ability to stand for long periods of time, some physical strength and the ability to communicate well with others. General laborers include assembly of partitions, feeding material into machines or off stacking material from machines, sweeping/cleaning of production area or cleaning equipment. General laborers are typically supervised by more skilled employees but overall the Plant Supervisor.

Job Requirements


In addition to the basic skills required of almost all manufacturing production workers, those operating equipment will need math and measurement skills, as well as knowledge of manufacturing technologies.
  • Mask required at all times.
  • Music is allowed -Must have one earbud out
  • Cell phone use and Personal phone calls should be made during break or lunch
  • Clothing should be comfortable but appropriate for a work setting.
  • Loose clothing is a hazard around machinery and needs to be tucked in when working by any moving parts. Hair that is long needs to be kept up around machinery for the same reasons as above.
  • Time Cards – If you forget to punch in or out, take your card to the Plant Supervisor to have it signed. Not having the Plant Supervisor’s signature may result in a late paycheck.
  • No cell phone usage in Bathrooms.
  • No vandalizing of Company Property
  • No removal of anything from Company Property without written permission from Plant Supervisor.
  • No throwing trash or cigarette butts anywhere in or around the building. If caught you will be given a warning, second time, you will be terminated


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